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Create your Digital Asset Access Authorization (will) for your online accounts & digital assets in seconds.

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Protect & Pass-on your Digital Property

You can manage your entire asset portfolio in one place and designate your heirs who can take possession of your account when the time comes.

Peace of Mind

Your family can instantly gain access to your digital portfolio. No need to worry about the lengthy and drawn-out legal process.

Legal Access

Sharing passwords violates privacy laws. Clocr’s digital legacy plan for online accounts is built on RUFADAA guidelines and the designated beneficiaries can access your accounts without worrying about breaking privacy laws.

Cost Effective

Our cost-effective solution eliminates the need for you to use expensive legal services to incorporate your digital assets.

Complete Digital Legacy Plan

Our solution is built based on RUFADAA framework that provides the guidelines for digital estate management.

You can create and share the Digital Asset Access Authorization details with your beneficiaries, wealth managers or estate lawyers. You can also print a copy, notarize it and keep it in your family safe.

Our Patent-pending, ultra-secure vault keeps your passwords, master passwords, and bitcoin private keys safe and secure. 


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Your Digital Estate in Seconds

Our innovative onboarding process enables you to setup your online account portfolio and beneficiaries in minutes. We provide you an easy to use check list and guide you through the entire process.

We also proactively update you when new online accounts are available. We do the heavy lifting for you so you can enjoy the experience.


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Commonly Asked Questions

Clocr Digital Estate Plan helps you consolidate, manage, and pass-on all your digital assets the legal way. It helps you nominate beneficiaries and bequeath your digital assets just like you would in a will. It helps you build a digital estate plan in case of death or incapacitation. Clocr follows the RUFADAA guidelines that allow you to create a digital will that is legally-binding to keep your accounts safe now and even when you're not around.

All your digital accounts, when combined, have immense monetary and sentimental value. They form a part of your 'Digital Estate'. An estate plan for digital assets allows you to organize your online accounts (banking, social media, emails, etc.) and then legally appoint a beneficiary (a person or persons) you want to have access to your accounts after your death. This helps you reduce stress for your loved ones after you're gone and even protects your online accounts from hackers.

All your digital accounts and assets form part of your 'digital estate'. While a simple solution might be to keep a list of account credentials “in a safe place” for your loved ones to access them, the fact that they have sensitive information of your accounts doesn’t necessarily mean they have the legal authority to do so, especially when a website’s Terms of Service do not permit a transfer of ownership. In fact, heirs could be found guilty of “hacking” by trying to access a loved one’s online accounts after they are gone, even if it was the individual’s dying wish. Clocr ensures that all your accounts follow the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA), 2015. This is currently the most prevalant legal framework that is followed in the United States, where most large technology companies are based and are hence bound by it. It gives a clear hierarchy of instructions for how your digital assets are to be treated should a fiduciary seek access, which may include executors after death, trustees, court-appointed guardians, and attorneys-in-fact. Clocr follows the RUFADAA guidelines that allow you to create a digital will that is legally-binding to keep your accounts safe now and even after you're gone.

Security is our top priority at Clocr.

  • We use the highest standard in network communications with 256-bit encryption to provide access to the devices you use, including your desktop computer, mobile phones, and tablets
  • We use state-of-the-art cloud providers to ensure round-the-clock on-site security
  • We provide an option for subscribers to choose our proprietary (patent-pending) "shard security" that stores encrypted data shreds in multiple geographically located servers for additional security
Clocr Digital Legacy Plan is a self service 'Digital Asset Authorization' helps you create a legally binding digital will for your digital assets. Clocr's solution is built on the RUFADAA guidelines and it gives a clear hierarchy of instructions for how a person’s digital assets are to be treated should a fiduciary seek access, which may include not only executors after death, but trustees, court-appointed guardians, and attorneys-in-fact.

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